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The law office

The law office known as Pessanha, Costa Leite or as ACRLEX is the continuance of the law office founded, in 1989, by four prestigious Porto’s lawyers, namely Ricardo Sá Carneiro, Vasco Airão, João Vieira de Castro and José Manuel da Silva Lopes. Due to the experience of its founders it was regarded as a reference law office in Portugal.

Currently, its lawyers represent some of Portugal’s biggest companies and important foreign companies, with a strong presence in the wine sector, agriculture, distribution, chemical industry, textile, renewable energy, healthcare, transport and logistics as well as in real estate and construction.

Being a law office – and not a law firm – the office has a light, adequate and efficient structure, characterized by not working in pyramid but with a group of senior lawyers working in parity which enables it a swift and dynamic share of information, thus allowing for the client-attorney relationship to flow directly and without interference. It is this boutique configuration that allows us to provide our clients a fast, efficient and excellence service surrounded by trust and proximity.

The office is since its foundation the Portuguese member of The Interlex Group ® – a tier one worldwide law firm network – which allows it to provide legal assistance to its clients all over the world.